Champagne & Wine Bar

Located in North Stonington, CT on Route 2 (near the rotary), Frizzante Champagne & Wine Bar is a throwback to days gone by with classic wines, champagne, small plates, and the 1920's vibe that comes along with a classic smooth jazz atmosphere of the prohibition era. This is a destination, this is Frizzante. (Please note that we're 21+ age establishment)

Frizzante is currently open the following days and times during the month of September: 
Wednesday: 3pm - 9pm, Friday: 3pm - 11pm, and Saturday: 3pm - 11pm.  With special, secret, Speakeasy nights scattered throughout the month.

To learn more, drop us a line through our 'Contact' link and/or text: Frizzante to 95577 to join the 'Secret Speakeasy Society of Frizzante'.